Pink eye will affect cattle more frequently in the warmer temperatures of the summer season. Many flies are active at this time along with other pink eye causing agents, like the eye irritant dusts from hay, pollen and the grazing grasses of the cattle.

Any outbreak of pink eye amongst the cattle can have serious economic consequences for the farmer in terms of both milk and weight loss in the affected animals,  and therefore early treatment for the condition must be sought.

The earlier, the better,! is important for the treatment, any treatments given before the eyes of the cattle tend to close or become cloudy and ‘blue’ will yield promising results and improvement.

Treatments for Cattle Pink Eye.

n  Recommended products for pink eye in cattle include medicines from the Tetracycline family.

n  Both LA-200, and Biomycin are generally used by veterinary doctors.

n  The usage of these medicines should be as directly instructed by the vet.

n  Mild antibiotics have been found to have some small effect, and the placement of an eye patch on the affected animal protects against bright sunlight and flies.

Tulathromycin  (Draxxin), has been shown to be particularly effective in treating cattle pink eye, especially in young calves.

Using tulathromycin on a group of calves suffering from pink eye, of those which were treated eighty percent (80%) had fully healed after 15 days, whilst another group of calves similarly suffering pink eye, and not treated, then sixty percent (60%) were still suffering from the condition after a period of 20 days.

With early treatment for pink eye, any damage to the animal’s eye is very rare, but late treatment can cause many complications—

Complications Caused by Late Treatment.

n  Eye scarring.

n  Eye Glaucoma can occur with its resultant effect of causing the eye to bulge, or even rupture.

To avoid any complications will certainly decrease the value of the animal, so early treatment for pink eye is always recommended, and while other treatments are available, the administering of medicines from the tetracycline family of drugs seem to be the most effective.

NB. The above named medicines are Registered Trademarks, and should be obtained on prescription issued by the veterinary doctor.

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